Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Random Orbit Sander (ROS)

For the past few years I have been using a cheap 5" orbit sander and I finally decided it was time to upgrade. I settled on the Ridgid R26111 from my local Home Depot. Some people may say that purchasing a Ridgid isn't much of an upgrade, but I have several Ridgid tools and I love how they perform. Not only did I want a better brand of tool, but I also wanted a 6" model opposed to the 5" that I was currently using. Right out of the box I could tell this thing was a beast. The sander comes with an allen wrench, three 80 grit sanding disks, dust collector bag, and a handle that attaches to the front of the sander for added comfort while using it. Two things that I really like with this model are the soft start and variable speed options. I feel that I have more control over the amount of sanding that I am doing on a work piece and I can slow the rotation down if I am working close to a corner or edge. The feel of the sander is nice. It sits well in my hands and the trigger, trigger lock and speed adjustments are easy to get to. Since this model weighs just over 7lbs, I don't foresee myself doing much detail sanding with it. However, the weight helps out tremendously when sanding large flat surfaces. The 80 grit paper that comes with the sander is pretty cheap. It is a hook & loop system so finding sandpaper will be relatively easy. Home Depot sells the brand Diablo, which is good, but there are only a few grits available in a 6" disk size. I believe the best sandpaper for the cost is available at Klingspor. Investing in good sandpaper will not only get the job done faster, but it also save you money in the long run. The dust collection bag that comes with the sander is small and may fill up quickly, but you have the option of removing the bag and hooking up directly to a vacuum system. Overall, I am happy with this sander. It performs much better than my last ROS and gets the job done in much less time. Happy sanding. Link to the Ridgid R26111 - click here. Link to Klinspor's Website - click here


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