Sunday, August 2, 2015

GluBot Purchase

Yesterday I picked up a Fastcap - GluBot for a mere $6. I have read several woodworkers claim this product is a must-have for any shop. The kit comes with a 16oz. bottle, two tips, a guide and a tethered cap. Their "Blade Tip" allows you to choose your desired thickness of bead by how far back you cut the tip. The "Yorker Tip" is great for applying a thin glue line. This alleviates me from having to use my injector glue bottle that is a pain to clean. Also included, is a guide which attaches to the tip and hugs the side of your board ensuring the bead of glue will stay centered on the board's edge. The one thing that I really like about this product is that the glue retracts back into the bottle after you stop squeezing it. This tends to free the tip from potentially clogging. The tethered cap is a nice touch as well. I would recommend this product and for the price, you can't beat it.

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